Business Intelligence

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Job Type
:  Full Time
Job Industry
:  Information Technology and Services
Job Function
:  Business Analyst
:  Senior Staff/ Supervisor / Coordinator / Team Leader
:  Bachelor Degree - S1
  1.  Analyze the structure of a business, how it uses technology, what its goals and pain points are that can be improved through BI tools
  2. Collect, analyze, and share data to help business teams drive improvement in key business metrics, customer experience, and business results.
  3. Utilize database and web application technologies to design and evaluate innovative business intelligence tools and automated reports.
  4. Design, develop, and test BI solutions such as databases, data warehouses, queries, views, reports, and dashboards.
  5. Perform data conversions, imports, and exports of data within and between internal and external software systems.
  6. Enhance the performance of business intelligence tools by defining data to filter and indexes.
  7. Design and deliver end-user training and training materials.
  8. Train users to transform data into action-oriented information and to use that information correctly.
  9. Document new and existing models, solutions, and implementations.
  1. Experience working as a Business Intelligence min. 3 years
  2. Experience working with one or more language for querying (e.g. SQL)
  3. Familiar with advanced analytics languages like Python is a plus
  4. Experience working with multiple stakeholders across various divisions
  5. Ability to make inferences from data and devise an appropriate course of actions
  6. Comfortable working with large data sets and numbers
Skills Requirements
Business IntelligenceData WarehousingSQLTableauPythonR LanguageData Visualization